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Asido develops leadership and facilitate change and build leadership competences connected to business strategy and company values

Asido is run and owned by Gunilla Westberg.

What is significant in a long term successful organization?

What is significant in a long term successful organization? What can you as a leader do to create a company and an organization that is known for drive, engagement and success? Why do some see possibilities and solutions, when others are struggling to let go of the past?

Those are some of the questions I’ve focused on in different organizations and managerial roles.

To be part of and build a culture of success and proactivity, where employees and leaders strive to develop, creates a powerful drive. It will help build an organization that is aligned, reaching stretch targets, an organization always looking to improve, going “from good to great”.

This is a spirit and power employees and customer will feel.
Both confidence and business will grow.

Better together!  Asido -  Ledarskaparna

Asido, Gunilla Westberg cooperates since summer 2012 with the successful leadership development company Ledarskaparna. Please visit for more information on developing leadership.

In a role as coach, project manager or facilitator I’d like to contribute to

Develop employees and leaders to grow personally in both competence and confidence and create a positive move of development and drive in the organization.

Change management to develop organizations or teams to be more successful, independent of the cause of the change (company acquisition, growth, restructure …) and that the organization is known for engagement, initiative and focus on reaching future goals.

Develop companies to be more successful, with stronger key metrics and competitive advantage. To be an employer of choice and a company customer see a preferred partner, ”Top of mind”.

Assignments can be in the following areas

  • Leadership development 
  • Business coaching, individually or team
  • Performance management and talent management, methods, strategies and actions to develop the organization – now and for the future

Consultant profile Gunilla Westberg

In summary

Developing leaders and organizations combined with change management has been the theme through my career. I’ve been employed in different organizations till September 2009, the last six years with GE. My experience as manager goes from having led HR teams from 2 to 25 persons, P&L responsibility in a larger organization and acting as project manager in restructuring projects with 5 to 1000 employees. I have worked in an international environment the last ten years, in both global and pan-European roles.

Certified Business Coach, ICC
Situational Leadership, Licenced trainer
Extended DiSC, Certified user

Change management

Driving cultural awareness and change management processes, bringing organizations and people together, creating a common platform with aligned goals and focus on reaching future challenges. Project leader in restructuring projects, in growth, reorganization, downsizing, layoffs, mergers and acquisitions, company dispositions and due diligence in large scale and smaller projects.

Coaching, Competency and Leadership Development

At GE, six years of dedicated focus on competency and leadership development in a panEuropean role.. Developing, implementing and leading leadership programs combined with strategic leadership development projects, e.g Building a learning culture”, a culture defined by growth, development and personal ownership.

Labor law and experience from negotiations

Labor law; mainly Swedish, but also some insight in European labor law including expatriations within and to/from Europe. Negotiation skills; in formal negotiations with unions e.g. labor law, salary reviews, collective bargaining agreements and redundancy agreements,

International experience

+10 years experience from working internationally, in both global,( 3 years as global HRM in Finance /It company) and European roles with six years in a T&D role at GE Real Estate.

Often described as

Strategic, with a holistic view and focus on what’s best for the organization. Colleagues and managers often mention my coaching and assessment skills, enthusiasm, drive and mindset that nothing is impossible, together with the experience as seasoned HRM.